How to Invite Students and Parents

Forgot how to invite students and parents to your class?
Don’t worry, we got you covered!

First go into your class and click on the “Invite” button.

Here, you can see the class code.

Students and parents can then input the class code by selecting “Join with Class Code” in the Classes section.

Alternately, you can select the “Print” option in the Invite page. Selecting this will automatically prompt a print page with a handy printout to send home for students and parents.

Teaching elementary or middle school? Don’t forget that to comply with COPPA laws, all students under the age of 13 need to have parent consent! You can download a convenient form to send home by clicking the “View consent form” button in the Invite page.

Still confused? Contact us at [email protected] if you need any additional help or clarification!

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“Challenges became educational tools for everyone” -My Nga Dinh, 4th Grade Teacher

We had the pleasure to interview My Nga Dinh a 4th grade at Castelar Elementary School! She started using Classting early this year and she used “Why is Classting important in our class” as a great topic to get students to critically think about an educational topic that they were excited about.

How did you hear about Classting?

I heard about Classting through my coworker, Mr. Kitayama. He also introduced me to Classdojo. Classting is a tool that helps me to communicate in the classroom better and to make kids motivated and more engaged for learning.


Were there any obstacles you had to overcome when you began using Classting?

The only challenge is that a lot of kids have so many accounts because they can’t remember their passwords, but I don’t have a solution for that. So I’m still learning, but because I can’t solve it, I have a lot of computer literate kids who will figure things out and start showing me. It turns out, the challenges became educational tools for everyone.

How would you compare your class connection, between this year with other years of teaching?

My students and I, and some parents have shared with me, because it’s like Facebook, we’re familiar with it, it is very more fun definitely building a stronger class learning community. It’s not as threatening. Students help each other post homework assignments when I’m not available and parents can check for announcements.
I started sharing some personal pictures of what I’m doing or what students are doing in class, and students started picking it up like, “I want to share”. A lot of students now feel the energy level, as well as the bond, is definitely a lot tighter versus before, where there seemed to be a disconnect. I can compare from other years that there is definitely a better connection when we talk and we can relate better to each other.

IMG_20160615_0001 (2)

What have your students learned about social media etiquette while using Classting?

Some needed to learn to be cautious about what they are posting. I like that I have the authority to give them a warning and I’ve actually even blocked one student already. Since the beginning, I don’t even have to remind them, they are the ones saying “you shouldn’t be posting this, you should be careful”. They even come back and say, “I don’t like how you criticized me on this” and they are actually having verbal communication, expressing how they feel because of what they saw online. I like that I get to be the one to step in and explain why it is important to be careful and sensitive and respectful to what everyone is feeling and what you share.

What would you tell teachers who are considering using Classting?

I’ve actually been sharing it already! A lot of teachers are weary because they aren’t sure how much work it requires, like monitoring. It’s very good for upper grade elementary teachers but they don’t see the advantages of Classting. It creates a more positive learning environment and school community.

Thank you so much for your time and for using Classting, Mrs. Dinh!


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Social Media Etiquette Lesson Plan

Introducing the concept of social media to your class can be a daunting task. With the dangers of social media, it’s important as teachers to guide students in the proper ways of using social media. Classting is one way you can safely introduce social media while having a useful communication tool to use.

Download our free social media etiquette lesson plan that includes a lesson plan, helpful links, and a student contract on our Teachers Pay Teachers page!

classting contract preview

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“It helps to build a classroom community” – Glen Kitayama, 4th Grade Teacher

We had the pleasure to speak with Mr. Glen Kitayama, 4th grade teacher at Castelar Elementary School. He started using Classting early this year and has been actively using it since!

How did you hear about Classting?

I heard about it at a conference for Korean educators. I became pretty interested in it because I was already using Classdojo. I was truthfully rather skeptical about using Classting because I wasn’t sure how it could be used in the classroom. But the presenter gave a demonstration and I soon realized it was a different type of thing than Classdojo. With Classdojo, I use it primarily use it for parent communication and also to monitor student behavior. Generally, the way Classdojo works is that it’s a one way communication primarily between me and the parents. What I noticed with Classting though, is that it is more like Facebook for the classroom. So I became interested in using it because I saw there was potential for it to be used with my students.


Were there any obstacles you had to overcome when you began using Classting?

One of the main obstacles I encountered was how trying to figure out how to get parents involved. We’re a title 1 school, so most of our parents are low income here and therefore don’t have their own computers, however, that was overcome in a lot of ways because I discovered that most parents have smartphones, so they could use the Classting app. Or if they didn’t have a smartphone, a lot of them have a tablet. Not necessarily iPads but android tablets or another device they could use. So, that was one of the things that was hard, access. Actually, I’m still trying to get more parents involved in it. As we’ve been going along in the classroom, some parents are realizing that they are missing some information, so slowly but surely, they are starting to sign up, but it is still a long process.


How would you compare your class connection, between this year with other years of teaching?

Well, I think it helps to build a classroom community. That’s one of the main things that I always tried to establish in the classroom. I think Classting has helped quite a bit because now the students are able to communicate with each other on a very fun basis, outside of school, in ways that they wouldn’t have been able to do so before. That’s one of the real main benefits.

What have your students learned about social media etiquette while using Classting?

Well actually, that is one of the primary lessons that I taught before, during, and even still that I’m teaching them about social media etiquette. I think it’s really good for 4th graders, in particular, to be able to learn this. Later on in life, if they don’t understand this, they could be really hurt with what could potentially happen when you post something hurtful or inappropriate. The good thing about Classting is that because it’s so secure, I, as the teacher, can actually remove students and threaten to, or teach them a lesson, by saying “you won’t be able to get on, if you post something inappropriate”. Thankfully, this came as a surprise to me, but all of my students, every single one of them, understood the message. That if you’re going to post something, you have to post something knowing that I will be looking at it, knowing their parents will be looking at it, therefore I’ve had no problem whatsoever about safety or people posting inappropriate things. It’s been a good lesson for the kids.


Any interesting ways that you’ve integrated Classting in your classroom?

One of the great benefits of Classting is that I’ve been able to use it for projects. So when kids are researching something, and they don’t have their own computer at home or their own tablet, at least they can look up something in school and post the information on their own page and look it up later on and use that information for their projects.

What would you tell teachers who are considering using Classting?

I liked how you phrased it when you came into the class and introduced Classting, it’s not in direct competition to Classdojo. In fact, many people, including me, us both of them and so they compliment each other. If you want something to use for projects, where kids can interact with each other, then Classting is a really great tool for the classroom.

Thank you so much for your time and for using Classting, Mr. K!



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Teaching summer school? Extracurriculars or clubs over the break? Or just want to stay in touch?

You always know it was a good school year when you already miss your students on the first day of summer. Don’t let the end of the school year be the end of your connection with your students. Keep your Classting class activated through the summer to allow students to keep in touch!

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Notify Your Class

Never forget important reminders to tell your students and parents with the notice function!
Whether you’re sitting in professional development or home sick, you can easily send a reminder as soon as it pops into your mind.

Need a permission slip filled out? You can even attach files to your notices just in case students lost the papers on their way home. With parents getting push notifications and text messages, you will be sure to get your announcement seen!

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 3.55.15 PM

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Connecting Parents to the Classroom

Have you ever had this happen? You and your students do an experiment or project that the students are thrilled about in class so you hope they are going to tell their parents all about it. Then the next day your students walk in, see the experiment results or project boards, and you hear a resounding “Ohhhh yeah, I wanted to tell my mom about this but I completely forgot!” It breaks your heart a little, right?

That won’t happen with Classting. Post a picture of the experiment and prompt your students or parents to talk about it that night at home!


April Tip

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Create a 24-hour learner

Classting can be your best homework helper! Have notes, slides, and/or lesson videos posted on the wall so students can refer to them at home while doing their homework.

Students can ask questions about the day’s lesson, that night’s homework, or the upcoming project. You’ll be surprised at how, more often than not, students will answer each other’s questions and concerns. On top of that, because questions are posted where every class member can see, questions never have to be asked twice!


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Got extracurriculars?

It’s hard to keep students on the same page with extra curricular classes, especially when the classes don’t meet in a regular class schedule.

With Classting, orchestra dress rehearsal reminders can be sent to all members and parents, art done in class and outside of class can be shared, drama scripts can be posted for everyone to see, and even sports teams can share strategies for the next game. Classting allows for students and parents to be more connected with their extra curricular activities.

feb tip

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Group projects are a breeze!

Have a group project for your students? Encourage communication outside the classroom between your students with Classting.

Sometimes it’s hard for students to share an idea that they have for the project outside of the classroom, so ideas often get lost before they can see their groupmates again. Create a post in Classting for each group to share ideas, links, videos, and files with each other. This way, a brilliant idea will never be lost again!

jan tip 1

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The Q&A can continue even after class!

Have you ever played a video in class and had 15 eager hands shooting into the air?
It’s hard enough to answer all the questions before the bell rings, but what about the shy students who are just as curious and never get a chance to ask?

By using Classting, students have a second chance to ask questions, even after the day has ended.
Repost the video into your class and you’d be amazed at some of the brilliant questions your students have!
You’d be even more surprised to see your students answer each other’s’ questions!

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 2.02.23 PM

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A little privacy please!

A little privacy please!

“You have a new message.”
“Eddy invited you to play Candy Crush Saga.”
“Ms.Birch, what was the homework again?”

As the world becomes smarter and more connected, teachers are ‘obliged’ to communicate with students and parents at the expense of their personal space.

Go against the trend and technology? Not a great idea. There must be a better way for teachers to communicate.
Let your students communicate with you through Classting, the educational social networking platform, and restore order in how you communicate. That’s a smart life.

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Keep everyone up to date

“How many times have I told you to bring all the materials?!”

No matter how many times you tell your students to bring all the materials, they inevitably forget them.
What do you do when the class is over and you forgot to make an important announcement?

Now with smartphones, you can easily check the noticeboard anytime, anywhere!
The moment you post a notice, all students will receive a push notification!!

* Only on smartphones? Not at all!!

What if not everyone has smartphones?
Don’t worry!

Classting is also available on the website for those who don’t have smartphones.
Alternately, a free text message can be sent to non-smartphone users.
Go to and check out the noticeboard!

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Is everything okay in our class?

It may be hard to tell if everyone is doing okay in your class.
Some students find it difficult to request counseling in person.

Now with Classting, students and parents can reach out for private counseling easily.
The students will feel safer to have someone to talk to about their concerns at any time.

Private counseling is also very convenient because the conversations are saved automatically.

* Note that the writer can choose to hide his/her name and shown to be anonymous.

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Where do I post these class related videos?

“Where do I post these class related videos?”

It’s hard to watch all these great videos you want to share with the students in a short lecture time.
It would be great if the students watched them before they came to class so they can debate about it.
You always wondered where you could share these awesome videos, right?

With Classting, you can easily share them and students can access resources and materials at any time!

Press the share button and select Classting on YouTube or upload videos that you want to share with the students.

The video and its description will be posted and all the students will receive push notifications.

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The best way to reassure the parents :)

“The best way to reassure the parents :)”

There are many events like field trips, school festivals, and excursions, all year around.
When you take your class out for some outdoor activities, parents worry about the safety of the students and there is a simple way to reassure the parents.

By uploading photos on Classting, parents can be relieved to see their kids having a good time!

With Classting, you can save photos to custom album:
By events, date, classes… organize your beautiful memories the right way.

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How do I organize students’ works systematically?

“How do I organize students’ works systematically?”

Students have loads of homework and teachers have 30 times more loads of homework to check!
How do you manage all these homework?
Aren’t you overloaded with too much homework to check?

Using ‘topics’ in Classting, you can now organize students’ works more systematically.

First, add new topics then students will choose the right topic and upload their homework that are in different formats like documents, videos etc.
Now it’s super easy to access students’ homework because it’s all categorized under topics!

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I want to interact with other classes

“I need a space where I can interact with another class in another school”

If you interact with another class, you can experience various cultures
outside of your own class. However, it can be difficult for you to
find a class to interact with and then to stay connected with that class.

In Classting, via the class’Ting’ menu, you can find a class to interact with.
Once you ask to class’Ting’ with another class, the teacher of the
other class can accept it. Then you will be able to interact with the other class.

Interact with other classes through class’Ting’ feature!

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