2018. 06. 01

Business Center

AD Sales Manager


  • Find new advertisers and agency
  • Ad Sales (advertiser, agency, Lab)


  • More than one year of mobile advertising sales experience

Preferred Skills

  • Advertisers, agencies, media experience in advertising sales
  • People who have excellent advertising network
  • People who have a good affinity for relationships
  • Excellent communication skills

Recruitment Process

  • Required documents: a good and detailed resume (no specific format, but please include current and desired salary) that meets Classting`s qualifications.
  • Process
    1. Resume screening (email : [email protected])
    2. Assignment Selection (Assignment of job-related expertise)
    3. Interview
      • Q&A for submitted assignment
    4. Reference check (only applied for person with experience)
    5. Final Interview with CEO/salary negotiation

What we can offer

  • 15% increase in the company’s salary compared to previous job
  • Base salary (90%) + incentive (10%) + sales allowance (KRW 200,000 per month)
  • Autonomous commute, autonomous leave system, telecommuting when necessary
  • Grant 2 weeks refreshment vacation at the end of the year
  • Additional incentives based on the degree to which company and project goals are achieved
  • 3 million individual settlement fund for setting the desired work environment
  • Support for various conference / seminar / book
  • Health examination support for one person + family
  • Support for interest-based club activities
  • Snacks, Healthy Lunch and dinner support
  • Holiday, birthday celebration coupon
  • Unlimited amount of drip coffee, beers, healthy detox water and drinks.
  • Job type: Full-time (includes 3 months of internship)

About Classting

Classting is a place where warm, competent people gather to create better education.
We want to enable our children to experience better education. Based on the voice of users and the execution abilities of startups, we are making a better learning environment for the next generation.

클래스터 인재상

  • People who can follow: We want to follow people who we can learn from, and we like to work with such classters.
  • People who can trust: We are not looking for people who have to be micro-managed by the administrator, who don’t want to work within a given amount of time, or who are not productive. Taking responsibility for your work within a given time is the most basic qualification.
  • Working together and making synergy: We are working hard to constantly bring surprises to our customers with high standards. It`s not easy to do this alone due to the limits of health, emotion, time and external factors. When you challenge and solve difficult things together, you can work more happily and constantly solve more difficult things.

Classing makes every effort to qualify Classter and to be proud of the best experts in each field that want to improve schooling.