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Classting Logo

Logo It is our primary graphic device and should be the first choice when choosing a graphic element to represent the Classting brand.
Glyph The symbol can be used on its own in certain situations when the context and association with Classting is clearly established.
Wordmark It can be used in all situations where the basic logo cannot be used.

Color usage

Classting Green Use for white backgrounds.
White Use for CT green background color or dark backgrounds.
Gray When creating content, use it if you have restrictions on using the green or white logo.

Brand Colors

Classting Green HEX #00C896

Incorrect usage

・ Do not alter the shape, spacing, or change the alignment of the logo.
・ Do not crop, stretch, or rotate the logo.
・ Do not outline the logo.
・ Do not apply colors on the logo other than the defined colors.
・ Do not apply many colors to logo.
・ Do not apply gradients, shadows, or other effects.
・ Do not type out the wordmark.