Join our team
to help build a better education that shapes a better future.

Job Openings

We celebrate collaborative work
and love to learn from each other.


We are driven by autonomy and bring the outcomes that we are proud of.


We determine our objectives and goals
with ambitious standards to surpass clients expectations.
We see our clients as our dear friends.

Core values

With the balance between autonomy and responsibility,
we deliver the best outcome.


Autonomy & Responsibility

High level of autonomy is guaranteed
based on the trust that we all work with a sense of ownership.
We know that creative thinking without constraint will bring growth to
both Classting and Classters.


Horizontal Leadership

Everyone gets equal opportunity
to actively participate in the decision-making process.
Anyone can lead a project and self-define their role
and will be compensated according to the project size and contribution.


Trust and collaboration

We admire who we can rely on and learn from.
We challenge, collaborate, solve, and create synergy - together.



Corporate status and financial figures are open to all employees
so that everyone can make informed decisions.


A sense of mission

We believe that we are making our world a better place
through innovating the education.
We always set higher goals and strive to meet them
for the happiness of our children, our next generation.

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Remember your first day of school?
We want you to feel those butterflies at work.

  • We have a relaxed developer culture where anyone can speak freely in code reviews and share knowledge horizontally.
    Tribe system allows free exchange of opinions around our products in general as well as development process.
    Anything you feel missing can be supplemented through group studies, and you will find yourself growing week after week.

  • Meetings for meeting's sake, reports for report's sake, and unnecessary steps;
    none of these exist in Classting.
    We focus on absolute necessities to maximize efficiency to invest the time in more valuable tasks.

  • I didn't realize Classting's true value until I joined the team.
    What a beautiful thing to see 'my' service being ranked no. 1 in Google Play store, Apple Appstore, and application retention rate!
    We pride ourselves on our work.

  • Knowing that the company supports my personal development, I am more driven to contribute to the company.
    I'm truly enjoying coming to work every day.

  • The ground rule here is that we decide everything through free discussions;
    there is no need of conflict.
    Any unnecessary hurdles and inconveniences are perfectly solvable when we team up together.

  • In the middle of Teheran-street with a killer view of Seoul,
    our open-floor office is surely one of the most pleasant working environment.
    A long list of restaurants in the area to check out is a huge plus.

  • I left Classting once to find something new.
    But in the end, the only place I could freely do what I wanted was Classting.
    This is the exact reason why I can recommend Classting with confidence.

  • Moved to a new city and spent 6 years with Classting,
    it feels like I have a new family here.
    That says it all.

Benefits and welfare

A healthy growth with work-life balance


Autonomy in workplace

Flexible hours “No more packed metro rides and 'hell-gates'!”
Work from home “Where you work is irrelevant as long as you do, ”
Unlimited vacation “Traveling is not a pie in the sky anymore!”
2 weeks year-end break “We brought back the winter breaks!”
Horizontal organizational culture “Call me by my name, no titles attached”


Comfortable working environment & Equal opportunity

$3,000 resettlement stipend per person “Good workers don't blame their tools”
Compensation according to capability and contribution, not the length of time
Additional incentive compensation with corporate/project goal achievements


We grow together

Personal development stipend"Attend conferences and purchase books"
Study groups"We do it during office hours and it's a well known secret"
Club activities such as tennis and futsal and teamwork activities are subsidized"


Healthy, happy life

Subsidized meals"Lunch AND dinner!"
Unlimited office snack bar"... it doesn't help you with your new year's resolution though."
Unlimited detox water, cold brew coffee, normal coffee, draft beer
Medical checkup (for you and 1 family member)
Entertainment facilities such as Playstation, table tennis and more

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Open positions

Join our team. We are open to anyone with a warm heart and passion.

Please submit your resume if you share our vision and have the relevant skills to transform the education environment. Contact us at