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a better Education.

Job Openings

Classter's teamanship


Open by default

We open all information available. Weekly news and updates are shared with all team members. Developers can access all code from the first day of work.


Everyone can be a leader

We uphold a flat culture regardless of age or position. But for rapid decision-making the decision-maker has final say, and others have to follow.


Balance of freedome and responsibility

A balance of freedom and responsibility is given to create and environment of efficiency.

How we work


Positive Energy

We work with passion to change education for the better. Join us in our journey to create a positive impact to schools around the world.



We welcome people who love what they do, and strive to bring good results. The persistence for achievement


Problem-solving capability

Learning fast is better than being perfect.

Perks & Benefits

Flexible working environment

We provide flexible working environment in terms of working hours, vacation time and remote work, as long as you complete your work with high standards. We provide salary, incentive, and stock options that are competitive to the market.


We support the purchase of IT equipment, conference participation tickets, and books that are relevant for your continuous personal and professional development.

Healthy life

We support lunch, dinner, drink, beer, and snacks for your optimal performance. We provide a health medical examination with one of your family.


Please submit your resume if you share our vision and have the relevant skills to transform the education environment. Contact us at
[email protected]