Classting dreams of a better school

With our technology, we improve communication in the classroom
and make learning more efficient for teachers and students.


June 2017
15,200+ total schools
320,000+ total classes
4,400,000+ total users

Classting Culture

Passion to improve the education environment is Classting’s core DNA. We approach our passion with: objective-driven mindset, a sense of urgency, and respect for each other.


We believe that education is one of the cornerstones to creating a better humanity.
Our vision to improve the education environment for the future generation in the world.


Dave Cho

Chief Executive Officer

Dave is the founder and CEO of Classting. Prior to founding Classting, he served as an elementary teacher for 4 years and had written a thesis on adoption of technology in classrooms to improve education system.


Jayden Yoo

Chief Technology Officer

Jayden is the co-founder and CTO of Classting and oversees service development and engineering teams. Prior to Classting, he was a researcher at Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) and earned a master's degree in computer science from KAIST.


Kyungsung Kim
Seoul National University of Education, President
Li Cai
Edu lab.

Main Investors

Softbank Ventures
Samsung Venture Investment
KDB Bank


Korea Office

Classting, Inc. 6F, 507 Teheran-ro Gangnamgu Seoul

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