Connecting Teachers and Learners

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All sorts of communication
related to learning

Create delightful memories together in our classroom with no worries of privacy issues.

Easy way to share study content

Share class related study content. You can share any format including files, photos, videos, links, etc

Fast and accurate announcements

Teachers can deliver every announcement in real time via smartphones and free SMS.

A happy class
all year round

While learning together and communicating with each other, every precious moment of your school life can be recorded.

Create your own class in Classting
to engage your students and interact with parents!

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Classting Satisfaction Survey

Results from 2,297 Classting users

Did Classting help you get closer to your friends or teacher?

Yes 90%
2,060 users
No 10%
237 users

Does it feel like studying and/or your participation in class improved while using Classting?

Yes 90%
2,075 Users
No 10%
22 Users

Do you want to use Classting in your class again next year?

Yes 96%
2,195 Users
No 4%
102 Users

Creating the service together with the users

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